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epubconversion.com provides ePub Conversion Services especially in epub format for iPad, nook, Sony reader, Kobo reader, kindle etc. and fixed layout format for iPad and kindle fire. In eBook world, ePub and kindle are the most famous globally accepted eBook formats, which supports iPad, kindle devices (kindle B&W, kindle DX, kindle fire.), Sony, Nook and other smart readers.

Why Convert to ePub File?

Today, the trend of reading eBook is gaining more popularity due to its convenience, compatibility and easy approach. Authors and Publishers are showing their trust in developing books in eBook format.

PDF to ePub/mobi converted files can be read on wide range of electronic book readers like, Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony reader and other smart readers. These files are more interactive (allows adjusting text size according to device, hyperlinking with footnotes, audio-video clips can be read) than reading pdf files. The conversion process of ePub format is same as other eBook formats, which depends basically upon the simplicity or complexity of the file to be converted. The extensive use of images, tables, layout formatting etc. in a book makes conversion process quite difficult.

As a service provider, epubconversion.com leads to the ePub Conversion Services. We provide support converting books to ePub format. Generally, books are received to convert from word to epub format, pdf to ePub format, indesign/quark to ePub format, scanned document to ePub format, and paperback to ePub format etc.

For PDF to ePub conversion services we assure our services are inevitable. To submit the book for conversion process, please email us at Bob@epubconversion.com.

A data consisting upto 15 MB can be sent directly via e-mail, but if the size of book is large please upload it onto the FTP server (login ID and password will be provided on request).

The authors, publishers or individual who has copyright of the book can submit their respective books directly, but the books which are no longer copyright protected will provide us full detail on it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Bob@epubconversion.com or call Bob at Supremus Group on (515) 865-4591.

Call us now for your ePub conversion service.

Testimonials: -

I'd like to thank Bob and his team for their work on our first eBook "Exquisite Tenderness". As a company with no previous experience in eBooks we found their service both efficient and to a high standard. I recommend them to anyone looking to venture into this market.

Duncan Catterall Publisher - New Renaissance Publications

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